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When Is The Right Time to Rebuild Your Website?

Is it time to re-design your website?If you are asking . . . it is probably time.

The web changes constantly, a website built today is out-of-date tomorrow. Not to worry, that doesn't mean it is obsolete or an embarrassment to you that quickly. However, if you are questioning the quality or effectiveness of your site, it is most likely time to do a redesign.

Some clues that scream, "Time for a redesign!"

Today's website visitors are very sophisticated. They want the information they are looking for and they want to find it fast. The typical viewer scans your site, if you do not catch their attention within a few seconds . . . they move on to the next site.

  • Time:
    If it has been two or more years since you have re-designed your site you should give serious consideration to an overhaul. Trends and technology change quickly these days, falling behind can not only make you look bad . . . but make you a security risk.

  • Security:
    The older your website is, the more vulnerable it is. You may find that your site is ripe for hackers to use for spam and other nasty actions.

    A good hosting company, such as Mid Minnesota Marketing, will keep their servers up-to-date and secure as well as providing patches for your website when it is possible. But the fact of the matter is, over time your site will likely become more and more vulnerable.

  • Drop In Ranking: The search engines change their algorithms very frequently to help them better index your website as well as foyle spammers. If you are noticing that fewer people are finding your website, it may be an indication that you have fallen too far behind with your Search Engine Optimization.

  • It's Ugly: Perhaps the last time you looked at your website a quick thought shot through your mind that the site sure is looking old or dull. It happens, design trends change and what once looked sharp as a tack can look a bit dull today.

  • Non-Responsive: If your website does not format itself to display properly according to the device your visitor is using to view the site . . . you definitely need to redesign your site. If it is difficult to read or follow, they will move on.

  • Professionally Written Content: It is important for your content to be written in a way that catches the visitors attention when scanning, provides detail when being read and allows the search engines to properly index the content of your website according to its content.

  • Stale Content: If you haven't been adding content on a fairly regular basis, it has affected your ranking potential. Search engines like to see fresh content.

Time for a website analysis.

If you read through this list and noticed anything in the list applies to your website, the place to start is with a website analysis. Mid Minnesota Marketing offers a free website analysis that looks at these items and much more to determine the health of your website.

Call Mid Minnesota Marketing to schedule your free website analysis. You may reach us at (320) 582-2288

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