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The Magic Bullet of Marketing


The Marketing Magic Bullet. Mid Minnesota Marketing | Hutchinson, MN 55350The Elusive Magic Bullet

As badly as we all want to know the one guaranteed method of reaching our ideal clients, there really is none, sorry to disappoint you. I may as well rub a little salt into the wound while I am at it. Marketing to our potential customers is far more complicated today than it has ever been before. 

Methods of delivering a marketing message and the public's manner in which they encounter and process that message has, and continues, to change with technology. Online social interaction, product research, education and entertainment are quickly becoming the "Norm". This leaves many of us feeling like we are floating in an endless sea searching for life boats. 

The answer is not to look for a single marketing avenue, but rather to utilize multiple media outlets tying them together.

Who Left The Door Open?

People today are in control of the media they view. Consumer's lead busy life-styles and are on the go. Favorite shows can be viewed without commercials by subscribing to online services offering their favorite programs at a time and place that is convenient for them to watch, and often it is commercial free. Just what is a business owner to do?

Grab the bull by the horns and change with the times.

I know you may not want to hear that, but in order to remain competitive you will need to change with the times. You must re-examine your ideal client's lifestyle and find the most appropriate methods to reach them with your marketing message. There are many potential methods:

  • Company Website
  • Social Media
  • Online Advertising
  • Re-marketing 
  • Apps
  • In-game Advertising

Ideally you will want to use multiple channels to reach your customers and connect each channel to one-another whenever possible. The idea is to reach them and provide one of two options, buy now or provide a means for them to learn more. To get a commitment from the customer who is ready to buy, you must provide a clear call to action. If they are not quite ready, you need to lead them to additional information that will help them commit to buying from you.

Your Company Website

I like to think of your company website as the center of all your marketing. It is the one place that is easily accessible and contains all the necessary information about your products and services to bring customers into your store . . . online or brick and motor. 

Your website needs to be modern and mobile friendly, the information presented must be meaningful, up-to-date and easy for both potential clients and search engines to digest. Solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is necessary for the search engines to properly index your website. Without it, customers are not likely to find your website. For help evaluating your current website or creating a new website contact Mid Minnesota Marketing at 320-582-2288

Your Social Media 

When done properly, social media exposure can greatly benefit your company. Social media includes such things as:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • You Tube
  • Pinterest
  • Etc.

These social media channels can be an excellent way to maintain contact with the buying public. Information is quickly accessible and easily shared. One drawback is that social media posts can not represent everything your company has to offer. You need to provide a clear path from social media to your website. 

Online Advertising

One thing from marketing past that has been re-invented is the advertisement. You are able to place ads on other websites getting your brand out in front of people where they interact. Your advertisements can be targeted to reach people according to their interests and needs making them more likely to convert into a sale. 


When a visitor leaves your website or uses your mobile app, remarketing displays your ads across the sites they visit to draw them back to your site. The idea is to take lost website visitors and turn them into conversions.

Perhaps you have seen this in action when shopping online. You may have been looking at a product on a website such as Amazon and suddenly noticed that advertisements for that very same product and similar products start showing up on Facebook. This is not a coincidence, it is remarketing. 

Company Apps 

An "app" or application is simply a downloadable program that allows the end user to interact online. The list of applications that are available is absolutely endless and is only limited by your imagination. A company may use an app to help potential customers interact with them. For example:

  • A bank may offer an application that allows their customers to bank with them online. 
  • An insurance company may offer an app that will provide quotes for insurance. 
  • A travel agency may offer an interactive map that allows the public to tour the world and plan future trips.

In Game Advertising

This one may surprise you, especially if you are not a "gamer". The game industry sells advertising within their games where products and brand names are clearly displayed as part of the game play.

You may look in the background of the game screen and see a billboard with an actual marketing message on it. The characters may drink from a can with a clearly legible label of a popular refreshment. These are not simply creative ways to make the game world more believable, they are paid advertisements. Unfortunately this type of advertising is quite expensive and limited to big brands.  

The One Constant In The Universe Is Change

A depressing thought if you don't like change, however that is just the way it is. There is no magic bullet, never has been nor will there be. The good news is that you do not have to embrace change directly, you simply need to acknowledge it is necessary and bring in the appropriate people to to keep you current.

Mid Minnesota Marketing is one of the "go to" places to help you with your website, social media and online marketing needs. Call us today for your free no-obligation evaluation. 




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