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It's That Moment When . . . .

Your website needs to be professionally developed to reach its full potential.Terrifying, heart pounding, stomach aching moments.

I was recently at a Networking Referral Group meeting where I stood and presented my weekly 60 second commercial. I looked at the crowd of business people in attendance and and told them,

"It is that moment . . .

  • When you start brushing your teeth and realize that wasn't toothpaste you put on your brush.

  • At three O'clock in the afternoon when you realize you have been walking around all day with your fly open.

  • When you open the car door in a crowded parking lot and realize this isn't your car."

I asked if that was the feeling they had when last visiting their website. Did they notice it was lacking in interest or really not doing much of anything to draw new customers into their business? I hope not, but many business websites seriously lack power.

You have less than 10 seconds to grab your visitors attention. Can you do it?

Small business owners will often cut corners on their web development budget by using an "easy to use" template or having cousin Ernie's "techno" kid build the site. Inexpensive, yes. Effective, No. The site may look OK externally, but when it is examined from the inside out, it may be lacking in power.

There are some very common, and serious issues with this strategy.

  • Effective content: Consideration needs to be given to keywords & phrases, your call to action, frequency and positioning of contact information and more. Your content must be written in a way that will appeal to your customers and be easy for search engines to accurately index. This is not an easy line to walk.

  • Effective Layout & Formatting:  Does the layout of your website adhere to marketing best practices that are proven to help catch and retain the attention of potential customers?

  • Obfuscated Code: I am sure cousin Ernie's kid is bright, but internet technology is continuously changing.  Your website needs to stay current to allow for the best cross browser functionality possible.

  • Reliability: Will cousin Ernie's kid be available to help you when something goes wrong? What about getting help from the hosting provider that offer's those inexpensive templates? They say they offer support, but how fast is that support and at what additional cost?

Studies have shown that website visitors will spend 10 seconds or less determining if they want to spend more of their valuable time looking at your website.* For this reason alone, it is critical to enlist the services of a professional website designer.

Make the most of your 10 seconds.

Mid Minnesota Marketing has 12 plus years of experience developing websites and writing professional content designed to make the most of your 10 seconds. We believe small companies need to do the things that make large companies successful in a way that small companies can afford.

Call Mid Minnesota Marketing and take control of your 10 seconds. You may reach us at (320) 582-2288


* Study Source: Nielsen Norman Group

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